Dr Jamie Nixon

Editor and Project Leader

Jamie is a PhD graduate from the University of Glasgow who looked at the relation between American politics and broad cultural responses in the Obama era. He enjoys managing and publishing texts from a diverse variety of disadvantaged authors, helping give voice to a range of overlooked, pertinent societal issues. 

Milly Rochow

Editorial Assistant and Researcher

Milly first joined as an intern following lots of research into different work placement opportunities and was drawn to the inclusive ethos and diversity driven focus of Arkbound Foundation.

Steve Mcnaught

Editor and Coordinator

Both writer and editor, Steve is passionate about getting marginalised voices heard in order to dispel negative stereotypes, whilst bringing the benefits of literature to everyone. Steve’s other interests include environmental sustainability, particularly in the context of enabling communities and individuals to adapt to climate change, with a move towards more equitable economic models.

Beth Cowen

General support

Beth is a long-term volunteer for Arkbound and also a full-time PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow, researching Scottish History. Beth was drawn to Arkbound by their ethos of encouraging, and providing a platform for, neglected and unheard voices. 


Mike Findlay

Mike  is a senior communications professional and freelance writer based in Scotland. His interests include mental health, equality and social justice. He has worked for over 18 years in various communications roles within health, higher education, social justice and the arts in both London and Glasgow. He has a postgraduate in journalism from Birkbeck, University of London and a COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills from the University of Strathclyde. Mike is passionate about communicating and writing about issues related to social justice and mental health and well-being. You can follow him on Twitter @MikeFindMedia

Laura Goldie

Laura is currently doing an MSc in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University. My passions are increasing visibility of marginalised communities, promoting intersectionality and LGBTQ+ activism. I joined Arkbound as a Trustee as I admired their diversity driven approach to publishing.

Aiden Curran

Aidan is studying for his MSc in Transnational Crime, Justice and Security. His interests include digital literacy, transnational migration, workers rights, surveillance ethics, technological crime prevention, and privacy rights. With a background in applied social sciences he is looking forward to contribute to the exciting output of Arkbound.

Alberta Edwards

Bertie, since graduating from Edinburgh with a Anthropology and Sustainability degree, has been traveling and volunteering in countries across the world with the aim to share and gain fresh perspectives and to live different realities in a variety of cultures and places.  She aims to ensure that Arkbound enables more perspectives to be heard through writing, taking steps to creating more cohesive local communities.

Eilidh Akilade

Eilidh lives in Glasgow and is currently studying English Literature at the University of Glasgow. She has been published widely, with articles usually covering topics such as race, mental health, sexuality, and body image. Eilidh is passionate about social issues and seeks to empower marginalised voices through her work.

Ailsa Thom

Ailsa has been involved with voluntary organisations for many years, working with children with disabilities, and in the environment. She was director of a charity supporting a children’s home in Kenya for young people affected by Aids and HIV for 10 years. Ailsa has a special interest in foster care and young care leavers, and has worked in this area for many years. She is a member of the Couper Library’s Writers’ Group.