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Academic, research and projects branch

Part of the Arkbound Foundation charity, we support the publication and dissemination of academic works for the benefit of wider society.

Our focus is on publishing books and supporting research covering climate change, the environment and social sciences. Alongside this, we support the delivery of projects that tackle the climate emergency.

We aim to enable research on ground-breaking theories that offer alternatives to environmental destruction and social exploitation, whilst facilitating curiosity and creativity among younger generations. We believe that a more connected, holistic understanding of the world, which moves away from strict specialisation and reductionalist approaches, is needed for general social and scientific advancement.

‘To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand.’

Albert Einstein

Audio, digital and traditional paperback – we can publish books in a variety of subjects, with a focus on supporting a transition towards a more sustainable and just society.

Our experience comprises over 5 years of traditional publishing, with an ongoing emphasis on innovation, diversity and accessibility. Find out more about the Arkbound Foundation.

The world is in the midst of a climate emergency, with mounting need to take action. Get involved with projects we are undertaking!

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