COP30 2025

We are starting to collate accounts for a landmark climate publication, ‘REVOLUTIONARY CLIMATE ACTION’ – in combination with a series of workshops, podcasts and videos – to be released in the run-up to the COP30 climate summit in 2025.

The work is planned to collate accounts from multiple authors on themes such as:

  • money rebellion
  • reconnecting to nature
  • adaptation and resilience
  • localisation, disruption and disobedience
  • legal action

The intention is to showcase grassroots, direct action that is unafraid to challenge power structures to address the climate emergency, whilst empowering people and communities for the deepening impacts of climate change.

Contributors shall be given an advance royalty of 250EUR (or equivalent local currency), together with a share of total sales royalties (66% of book RRP, divided equally between all contributors). Contributors will also be fully credited.

To express interest in participating, please contact us or complete the form here: