Systems Change Alliance: A Global Platform for a Regenerative Society

By Roar Bjonnes

Actor Joaquin Phoenix said in his Oscar acceptance speech that “When we use love and compassion as our guiding principles we can develop and implement systems of change that are beneficial to all sentient beings, and to the environment.”

About the same time this speech was given, in early 2020, the Systems Change Alliance (SCA) was formed by a small group of people from different countries. Like Phoenix, we also believe that implementing change with love and compassion is the best way to save both people and planet.

For us at SCA, systems change is a process and a goal. A process of activating our love for people and planet and a goal of creating compassionate policy changes that can take root and last, like a giant redwood, for generations to come.

We have created a virtual platform where individuals and organizations discuss and offer solutions to the unprecedented economic, social, and environmental crises our planet is facing. We do this through articles, videos, podcasts, conferences, research, hands-on workshops, consulting, movements, and more.

To achieve this monumental task, we need deep, cooperative systems change. We need to connect the dots between economics and ecology, between local culture and political policy, between nation states and global society. We need a movement engaging individuals, groups and organizations working in different fields to collaborate, educate, advocate and implement positive systemic change—on a global scale.

That’s where Systems Change Alliance comes in. We are a growing platform, not just online, but also on the ground, in cities and in villages, in the fields, and at sea. We are a network of activist organizations, policy makers, businesses, and individuals, working on deep, regenerative change. More specifically, we focus our work in three integrated areas: environment, society and economics.

Environment: Without nature, we humans cannot exist. Climate change has taught us, in no uncertain terms, that without nature, we’d be toast. Thus, we need to preserve and protect nature and live within it in regenerative balance. There is no other alternative.

Society: From outer space, our blue planet has no artificial borders. Likewise, human society is one. All people—regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, or cultural background—are equal. We are one humanity. It is time for all people to express themselves and to develop their potentials within the spirit of a global village.

Economy: Economics—which has the same Greek origin as ecology, namely Oikos, or “earth household”—needs to operate in accordance with nature’s laws. In addition, we need to move from a greed-based economy toward a need-based economy, where everyone can fulfill their basic needs and where the market is more cooperative than competitive.   At SCA, we believe that current sustainability reforms framed within a corporate agenda offer only ineffective solutions at best. We therefore need a movement of change that “connects the dots” to address the root causes of the crises facing people and planet. To join us or learn more about our work:

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