Climate Emergency Fund


The Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) was launched in 2024, in recognition of the critical emergency that climate change presents, with already life threatening impacts to communities around the world. Joining with a range of delivery partners, we seek to provide a crucial line of support to communities on the front lines.

The CEF will support organisations committed to bringing about systemic change to tackle the climate emergency. The aim of the fund is to support those organisations that work closely with communities, with a focus on grassroots, lived experience and localised action. Organisations with good representation of those groups they seek to help are especially encouraged to apply, as are those who comprise of people from diverse and under-represented backgrounds who are most likely to experience heightened negative impacts from climate change.

The CEF is particularly intended to support those organisations who are aware of the scale of the problem currently facing humanity, and who are willing to take a radical, creative approach.

The maximum amount of funding that can be provided is £30,000 across one year (or equivalent in local currency), but in most cases grants of under £10,000 will be considered. 

Procedure and Criteria

Our funding panel meets three times a year (March, July, October) to decide on applications. Whilst we aim to respond to every enquiry, due to the volume of applications received, we cannot always give specific feedback and will not respond to applications that are manifestly ineligible at the EOI stage. If you pass the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage you may be contacted to supply further information and, for larger requests, most applicants will be expected to present their proposal to our panel.

The following will be considered for funding:-

  • Non-profit organisations with a constitution or statutes that defines public benefit objectives
  • Work that is focused on the environment
  • Organisations with some track record in delivering environmental projects
  • Good representation of people from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, with a preference for ‘lived experience’ organisations
  • Demonstration of a good understanding of climate change, its causes and consequences
  • Organisations with an annual turnover under £2 million (or equivalent local currency)

The following will NOT be considered for funding and deemed ineligible at the first stage:-

  • Individual requests for funding
  • Organisations that are constituted for profit or with no clear public benefit objectives
  • No clearly identifiable project that seeks to tackle the climate emergency or aspects around it
  • Poor understanding of climate change, its causes and consequences
  • Funding sought to be used solely for promotion, fundraising or internal operations
  • No prior track record at all in delivering environmental projects

To apply, please first complete the form here.

We are grateful to the following partners in the delivery of this fund:-